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About us

INGEREM has focused its resources in establishing a strong network of offices around the world, in order to:

  • Qualify competent engineers in a discipline
  • Identify their availability wherever they are in the world
  • Respond on a timely basis to any request from the client

Besides, we have developed software’s which are giving the full efficiency to our recruitment teams, in France as well as in Middle East or in Far East. Today INGEREM has s database of more than 100,000 profiles, but its strength is with the close relationship that the recruiters are keeping with the candidates.

Countries where INGEREM is established are:

  • France
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubaï)
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Congo
  • Gabon

These are registered branches with offices and multilingual personnel.

INGEREM proposes expert consultants in numerous disciplines, such as:

  • Projects Management Procurement (Buyers, Inspection, Expeditions, Logistics)
  • Process
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Marine Installation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Commissioning, Start-up and Hook-up
  • Health, Safety & Environment

Over the past 20 years, we also have gained widespread recognition for our experience and know-how in the design and production of operating manuals, mainly for oil and gas installations.

The aim of our operating manuals is to provide a precise and in-depth understanding of industrial installations and operations for oil and gas projects.

We have a team of Process Engineers who deliver technical solutions to large industrial clients worldwide.

The production of the Operating Manual is the result of the work of a team involving:

  • Engineers
  • Technical authors
  • Draughtsmen / computerisation assistants
  • Cross reading

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Production of Operating Manuals (on paper and interactive format)
  • Development and execution of training courses related to:
    • The production of operating procedures
    • The training of production staff (including for operators and supervisors)
    • Client methodology for operating procedures (e.g. Operguid methodology)
  • Project and operational assistance in writing operating procedures for first start-up and normal operations

We INGEREM, supports organization and individual to develop competenties build efficiency in system and process combined to achieve an optimum balance between opportunities and capabilities,We strongly believe in delivering quality

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