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INGEREM India is providing solutions for the management of Operating Manuals and Trainings to the Oil and Gas industry.

What is the Operating Manual

Operating manuals are used as reference by all personnel running the installations, such as operators, supervisors, maintenance team, HSE (safety) personnel and trainers/trainees. An operating manual describes the installations, and provides associated diagrams. It consists also of operating procedures, e.g. for the start-up and shutdown of the installations.

The aim of operating manuals is to provide a precise and in depth understanding of installations.

The users should be able to find all the information about the installations when they use the Operating Manual. That is why all of our Manuals contain the following features:

  • General description of the installations
  • Description of processes, utilities and safety system
  • Start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Parameters to be observed and actions to be taken under normal operating conditions
  • Features of equipment
  • Simplified process diagrams (based on process diagrams, piping and   instrumentation diagrams, safety logic diagrams, general views…)

Methodology for Operating Manuals

From technical documentation provided by our client, INGEREM is able to:

  • Extract all information from engineering documentation (PIDs / PFDs / UFDs, Layouts, ESDs, Logic Diagrams, Single Line Diagrams, Detail Drawings, Description of the Process, Operating Philosophy)
  • Write the description of equipment and installations
  • Design and write operating procedures related to the project
  • Provide simplified drawings which are associated to the description part and to Operating procedures

Format of Operating Manuals

Our operating manuals are supplied on paper version presented in the form of a loose-leaf folder in A4 for texts and drawings. They could be supplied on interactive version (OMIV) as well.

From the operating manuals, INGEREM also provides a pocket/ handbook format (A6), including main information required for the site operations.

What is the Operating Manual Interactive Version (OMIV)

It is a hard fact that Operating Manuals of process plants in the paper format are compulsory but seldom referred to. This is mainly due to the difficulty of access to or retrieval of information.

Interactivity is the function by which the user can navigate in a document by means of hyperlinks, diagrams and simulations. INGEREM has developed its own software platform called “OMIV” to convert technical documentation of client’s installation into an interactive version.

What OMIV brings to the Client

OMIV is a direct duplication of the content of the paper version of the Operating Manual but it enables easy browsing within it. In addition, intelligence is brought into the text by hyperlinks. Simplified Process Diagrams (SPD) are created and linked to the text according to the industrial processes.

With OMIV, one can easily navigate inside the Operating Manual:

  • From text to text
  • From text to diagram
  • From diagram to text
  • From diagram to diagram

OMIV allows a direct access in the relevant area of the document by clicking on the hyperlink in the content of the Manual. The user can click on any tag number in the text to see:

  • The relevant explanatory diagram. They correspond to simplified process diagrams which have been designed specifically for OMIV
  • The datasheet corresponding to the selected equipment. The information on the datasheet is   extracted directly from the manual’s content
  • The ESD simulation corresponding to a change of normal operating conditions

Where OMIV can be installed

OMIV can be installed on any computer without any prerequisite and has the same content as the paper version
OMIV can be installed either on a stand-alone basis on any computer or be delivered on a web access
It can be available in the control room or in the Operator shelter. It becomes quickly a major tool for training session

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